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Premium Service Package

Tell us what you need! If you book the Premium Service Package, you will be able to contact us with all your requests.

We can help you with the following if you have chosen our Premium Service Package:


Have you excluded meat from your diet? Or are you perhaps gluten or lactose intolerant? We understand! We will make a request to the airline about a special meal on board that takes your requirements into account. Please note that low cost carriers usually do not offer free meals or special meal requests.


Do you want to sit nowhere else but by the window? Would you like to sit with friends or your family? Let us make a request to the airline for your preferred seat on board provided the airline offers a pre-seating service. Charges may apply.

Special luggage

Do you have a large piece of luggage you want to take on your trip? We will be pleased to notify the airline about this and give you further information on what needs to be done. Airline charges will apply.

Sports equipment

Are you on your way to a relaxing golf vacation? Is it time for your annual ski trip? Let us inform the airline that you will be travelling with your sporting equipment to make sure that you don't come across any complications at check-in. Airline charges will apply.

Travelling with children

Depending on the child's age we can apply for a basinette on board, and/or for a baby or child meal.

Travellers with disabilities

Do you need assistance on your trip? We will be pleased to ask the airline on your behalf.

Online Check-in

Don't really feel like standing in long queues at the airport? Most airlines now have online check-in facilities which means that you can check-in at home and print your boarding pass. Which leaves you extra time to have a cup of coffee while waiting to board your plane. We will gladly send you all the information required.

Frequent Flyers

For those of you that travel often and belong to any airline loyalty programmes we can assist by updating your booking with your Frequent Flyer details.

..and more!

Please note that we can only make a request to the airline in question and can not guarantee that they will be confirming your request. Some airlines and low cost carriers might not offer pre-seating and meals, many airlines keep their emergency exit seats for their members or restrict the allocation to check-in only. Airlines often charge extra costs for special luggage and sports equipment, which will be charged by the airline at the airport and is not part of the Premium Service Package. We will advise you accordingly if this is the case.

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