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Cancellation & Refund Policy

When unfortunate circumstances get in the way of you boarding your plane, it’s nice to know you’re covered for the cost of your flights. With Travelstart’s Cancellation & Refund assistance you’ll never run the risk of losing the cost of your flight in the event of:

  • Sudden illness of yourself or close relative leading to hospitalization
  • Accident or injury to yourself or close relative leading to hospitalization
  • Death of yourself or close relative

Domestic & International Flights

Receive a full refund of airfare & taxes for hospitalization or death, or a Partial Refund of airfare & taxes for any other reason.

Domestic Bookings: Adult N$102.00 | Child N$102.00 | Infant: Free

International Bookings: Adult N$289.00 | Child N$202.00 | Infant Free

Terms & Conditions

The Cancellation & Refund assistance must be purchased when you book your ticket. It is not possible to add the Cancellation & Refund assistance afterwards.

The Cancellation & Refund assistance is only valid for flights cancelled before outbound travel has commenced.

If you have purchased Travel Insurance through a third party (not Travelstart), and you are able to claim from the third party Insurer we will not refund any money if you choose to cancel a booking.

This service does not cover airline liquidation / suspension, car or hotel reservations.

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  • Partial Refund
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